Camper-Down Elm

A Camperdown Elm tree – four seasons
located at Albion Heritage Bed and Breakfast, Albion Michigan

Legend of the Camperdown Elm – This unique type of tree was first created in 1835 by a
gardener at the Camperdown House in Dundee, Scotland. He noticed a mutant
contorted branch growing along the ground and grafted it to the trunk of a Wych Elm.
Every Camperdown Elm in the world is from a cutting taken from that original mutant
cutting and is usually grafted on a Wych elm trunk. The trees cannot reproduce from seed. Camperdown Elms satisfied a mid-Victorian passion for curiosities and were planted as a “rarity” in elite gardens, often as memorials.
This Camperdown Elm, located in the back yard of Albion Heritage Bed and Breakfast in Albion Michigan was painted in all four seasons by Michigan artist Maggie LaNoue. (also the developer of this blogging style web site.) Cards with this art are available at the local artist’s corner of Albion Heritage. (in the dining room)

More prints and cards by Maggie are available at You can contact her to have a local print available at Albion Heritage for your visit.

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