Local Events

Albion has a lot of fun things to do if you know where to look. One of the first places to look is the Albion E-Calendar. (See the best and most complete local calendar links below.) We have posted a few tourism type events for Albion on this calendar. This is not official, nor complete!
In case this calendar does not show up for you, here is a short link: http://bit.ly/albionmichtourism
See below for more resources.

General Guide to Albion – This guide is available at Albion Heritage and features two months at a time of general events and things to do here. The online version has links to most of the resources below.

Albion e-Calendar – Previews of categories – to see all the details go to the main Albion e-calendar – select the category you are interested in – on the left sidebar pull down, and hit the “search button.”

Albion College has many wonderful events and some of them are not listed in the e-calendar. We are gathering links to the sports, music and theatre at Albion College in the post below and also some other spots to find fun things to do here in Albion.

Albion College Music Department Events:

Albion College Theatre Productions:

Albion College Family Weekend:

Albion College Homecoming

Albion College Graduation

Albion College more events — See the list of events on the left sidebar of this page to learn about many more Albion College annual events! Includes info on: Homecoming, Family Weekend, Grand Getaway, Albion community Day, Commencement, Grandparents College, Grand Slam Summer, Alumni Calendar, Events Archive, Volunteer Opportunities, Alumni Chapters and much much more!

Mini Calendar with some local events related to Albion Tourism. (very new- will be adding more info.) www.AlbionMich.com/calendar


February 4 is the date when a group of people in Albion who are interested in re-vitalizing Albion will begin meeting to discuss the book “BoomTown USA” by Jack Shultz. “This book examines how small towns best prosper by leveraging … Continue reading