Music and Books by Debbie Erlandson

We offer CD’s – and books by Debbie Erlandson. Debbie happens to be the daughter of Albion Heritage owner Mary Slater. Learn more about Debbie here. Debbie’s CD “Promise” is offered on iTunes! Debbie’s music is also featured on our video. (See sidebar at right) Debbie’s music and art has a relaxing quality that makes it a favorite for nursery schools, senior centers, and a relaxing time in the jacuzzi or sitting by the fire and sipping your favorite beverage. You can listen to previews of Debbie’s wonderful music, and / or download Debbie’s best known album – “Promise” right from iTunes. You can also purchase “Promise” or several other CD’s by Debbie from our local arts corner in our dining room!

Debbie’s book “How Many Fish in the Sea?” is offered on Amazon:

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